Our Philosophy

Sustainable Clothing


For more than a decade, we work with different women weavers and  communities to create collections made with organic and eco-friendly fabrics. We make sure the process used are not harmful and damaging to the environment. We use only natural dyes such as wood barks, achuete seeds, flowers and leaves, etc.

Slow Fashion


We are an advocate of "slow movement".  For 10 years, we have been creating pieces that are timeless. We  showcase the Philippines’ vibrant culture and rich heritage in each product. We weave together unique Filipino artistry and contemporary design through delicately woven and meticulously embroidered modern Filipinianas. Applying traditional techniques, each garment features a modern silhouette made to satisfy any contemporary Filipina’s discerning taste.

Filipino by Heart


All our products exude Filipino craftsmanship, taking pride in using homegrown textiles like abaca, piña, silk cocoon, etc.  We also have a collection made with ethnic fabrics such as Yakan from Zamboanga, T’nalak from Lake Sebu, Inabel from Ilocos, and many more.  Nuevo Ystilo gives honor to our local artisans who have kept the beauty of hand-painting hand-embroidery alive through the years. 

Who we are


The inspired vision started as an undergraduate thesis of the designer.  In 2009,  Ma. Rafaella Santos-Sol (Ella) was a student of the Entrepreneurial Management Program of  the University of Asia and the Pacific when she started the brand. She wanted to showcase the beauty of traditional wear to modern women.  She then took further studies at Fashion Institute of the Philippines and continued to grow her brand.

Coming from a family who makes Filipiniana apparel, Ella was very much inspired by her grandmother who used to export embroidered linens with CITEM's Manila FAME. She  wanted to bridge the gap of traditional Filipiniana design with contemporary fashion. 

Nuevo Ystilo is the realization of Ella’s goals—to promote Philippine craftsmanship and artistry through fashion.   


The man behind the expansion and growth of the brand is her husband, Fernando Heradd Jossef Sol II (Fyke). He is a graduate of Business Administration Major in Marketing in Xavier University- Ateneo de Cagayan. Born and raised in Maramag, Bukidnon,  he is able to make meaningful conversations with the tribes  of  Northern Mindanao and local weavers of Visayas.  He is able to further help their communities by supporting and providing them with a livelihood. Fyke mainly runs the operations and manufacturing of the brand. 

The Sales Team

Available in more than 30 branches nationwide under SM Kultura, Nuevo Ystilo aims to dress up modern women with high quality Filipinianas and ready-to-wear designs suitable for any occasion. Made in the Philippines, adored by the world, Nuevo Ystilo promises you clothing that are contemporary by design, but Filipino by heart.